While CADHO is a relatively new organization, it is made up of seasoned researchers and community developers with a track record of decades of successful health projects in the ACB communities. Since its creation on January 4, 2020, it has effectively developed strategic partnerships with other Black leaders in the capital region to advocate for several changes with positive impacts on ACB health.

CADHO had a very visible presence at Black History Month launch on January 25/2020 with a number of ACB health research products display;

CADHO was a key partner in the activities that led to March 2, 2020 being proclaimed Black Canadians Mental health Day by the City of Ottawa;

CADHO partnered with Ottawa Public Health (OPH) to implement its inaugural Black History Month Symposium on Feb 5/2020;

CADHO wrote a letter to local health authorities advocating for the collection of disaggregated race-based data, with positive results;

CADHO is a key partner in the Ottawa area COVID-19 Impact in the ACB community monthly webinar series;

We on the Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership program (OLIP) health Sector;

CADHO mobilized diverse groups for the June 5th Ottawa peaceful Black Lives Matter protest against systemic racism and police brutality.

CADHO is currently collaborating with researchers at the CO-CREATH lab, University of Ottawa to implement a large COVID-19 health care project funded by Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR).

The CO-CREATH lab, which is led by Prof. Josephine Etowa, one of CADHO’s patrons (member d’honneur) is a vibrant, proactive, and unique research environment, which serves as a catalyst for the development of emerging, junior, and mid-level ACB researchers. Prof. Etowa is the recent holder of a research Chair in Public Health Nursing, a founding member and past president of the Health Association of African Canadians. She is an active member of the African Caribbean Council on HIV in Ontario (ACCHO) and a recipient of the Community Health Nurses of Canada (2019) Award of Merit.

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