weSpeak Podcast Episode 2

weSpeak Podcast Episode 2
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Facilitating the community sessions in Toronto to engage Black men and the community in dialogue on HIV vulnerabilities and collective resilience brought out fundamental aspects of the experiences of Black Heterosexual Men and the challenges with Black stereotypes in Ontario.

The second episode of the weSpeak podcast will look at some of the insights generated from the sessions in Toronto.


Hello, and thanks for joining us for the second edition of the podcast; I'm Joy Osiagwu, your host for the series.

weSpeak is a 5-year program of research and related activities on the African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) heterosexual men in Ontario to address their health needs, interest, and vulnerability to HIV.

Our guests on this edition are Andre Harriot, one of the project's research assistants. In addition, Brandon Hay, the founder of the Black Daddies Club, a forum created as a safe space for black men to share ideas, struggles and victories for effective network and support, is a collaborator on the project. You will get to hear his commentary on the outcome of the study.