weSpeak Podcast Episode 4

weSpeak Podcast Episode 4
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The weSpeak study team understands the role of various stakeholders and the importance of a holistic approach to engagement to ensure successful outcomes and deliverables for the African, Caribbean, and Black communities (ACB) in Ontario.

The fourth episode of the weSpeak podcast will focus on engaging community stakeholders to strengthen ACB Heterosexual men's resilience to HIV in Ontario.

Hello, and thank you for staying with us for the weSpeak podcast. I'm Joy Osiagwu, your host.

 In this fourth episode, Charles Ozzoude and Andrea Harriot, project research assistants for the weSpeak study, will give insights into outcomes with community stakeholders. Thanks for staying with us.

The Concept Mapping Approach of the weSpeak Study contributed to the positive outcomes for further guidance in conceptualizing the implementation framework, as observed by Harriot and Ozzoude. In addition, you will hear the stories from sessions with community collaborators told by the two research assistants.

Andre Harriot says the dominant issues for community members and leaders were funding and targeted community programs for Heterosexual Black men.